TruFit30 Workout

TruFit30 provides a 30-minute fun and effective workout. Each workout will be designed to maximize results by increasing your heart rate and pushing you to your limits. Whether you’re an athlete or just starting your fitness journey TruFit30 is for you. TruFit30 is designed for all fitness levels. Our experienced coaches provide options that allow you to safely perform movements that work around any physical issues.          

TruFit30 workouts are backed by science to keep heart rates in a target zone allowing you to:

  • Burn fat and calories up to 24-36 hours after you finish you workout
  • Remove toxic waste from your muscles
  • Increase metabolism 
  • Build endurance  
  • Decrease your risk of Type-2 Diabetes
  • Increase flexibility and elasticity of arteries and veins
  • Improve cardiovascular health 
  • Decrease your insulin sensitivity
  • Improve your cholesterol profiles 
  • Regenerate brain tissue - decreasing dementia risks
  • Plus So Much More...