Stacy A.

I joined less than a month ago, barely able to do one push-up.  This  morning I did EIGHT.  I'm building muscle and stamina.  Amazing for a 59  year old, overweight woman, who NEVER did exercising other than  walking.  The trainers are with me the whole time, modifying activities  to my level, but still pushing and encouraging me to do more.

Kacey S.

"You guys have been great and I’m actually excited to workout. Haven’t felt this in years!"

Mark A.

"The team at TruFit30 are some of the most knowledgeable people when it  comes to the human body and training. Dr. Steele was one of my first trainers and helped me develop a great start which helped position me to play not only Division 1 college hockey but also pro hockey. In addition they make training fun. I highly recommend TRUFIT30."    Former UMaine Hockey Player and Professional Hockey Player

Sherri B.

ABSOLUTELY THE BEST FITNESS CENTER FOR ANYONE!!!  Very pleased with how  the program can be modified for your individual “fitness” needs!!   Professional and non-intimidating trainers!!  5+ 🌟 !!!

Lisa B.

Great workout! Varied and challenging. 30 min of keeping your heart rate  up while strength training in a functional manner makes it a great  do-able workout!

"I have been using TruFit30’s 30 minute workout plan for about two months now. Over the past few summers I have found it extremely challenging to get inspired and motivated to work out after my long days commuting for my difficult construction job. I have been through many different gym memberships in hope that I would find the time and energy to get back into workout routine. Even with memberships and long workout plans from websites, I found myself in the same position. Thanks to the support and help from Colt, I was able to get a TruFit30 workout that was designed for not only my schedule, but also my habits and interests. Colt took the time to create 30-minute workout routines that fit my needs, while constantly being willing and supportive towards altering specific workouts that worked for me.

I would say that one of the most amazing things about the TruFit30 workout plan is the short time that it takes to feel exhausted and satisfied. Instead of spending over an hour at the gym, I am able to spend 30 minutes or less while getting an even better workout and seeing improvements. By taking part in short, hard, and fun workout, I am able to stay focused and fit in my busy schedule. Another thing that Colt did that was extremely helpful was fixing and altering the workouts based on my physical needs and limitations. For example, I have suffered some knee injuries during my hockey career so am physically unable to do some workouts, but thanks to Colt, I am able to physically exhaust myself without any pain. As crazy as it may sound, I find myself looking forward to my workouts to see my physical gains, but also feel good doing it. Thank you Colt and TruFit30 for the motivation and support towards getting my life healthier."

Matt Cruickshank
Liberty University Hockey Player