Colt Steele CSCS

Owner / Head Trainer

Colt Steele was born and raised in Lewiston, Maine. He grew up playing many different sports. Freshman year of high school Colt started to focus on hockey, and was lucky enough to play at the collegiate level at Liberty University. Throughout his years he has spent countless hours in the gym training with certified strength and conditioning specialists as well as certified personal trainers. Each professional was different and made an impact on his life. This is one of the reasons Colt fell in love with training and helping others reach their goals. While at Liberty Colt started training his teammates, which allowed him to gain an even greater appreciation for training. Throughout Colt's training experiences he noticed two specific problems. The first being that there is limited time for many individuals to workout. The second problem is gym users doing exercises incorrectly due to lack of training knowledge. Improper movements likely increases the risk for  injury. For Colt, this was painful to see. The goal of TruFit30 is to educate our members on how to move and exercise properly as well as provide a quick and effective 30-minute workout. Each time you walk through our doors, there will be a certified trainer planning your workout and watching over you to make sure the movements are done correctly. We want to transform your life in a positive way. 

Dr. Clint Steele D.C. / CSCS

Owner / Trainer

Dr. Steele has been working out since his dad got him started at the age of 12. At the age of 14 he competed in a body building contest and then continued to train as he pursued his goal of playing college football. At the age of 24, Dr. Steele received his doctorate in chiropractic and not too long after received his certification as a strength and conditioning specialist. Since that time Dr. Steele has trained thousands of athletes from various countries from the age of 10 years old to many professional  athletes and he has also served as the strength and conditioning coach as well as consultant to many teams. 

Dr. Steele has now turned his passion for helping others and his love for training into not only helping more advanced athletes continue to excel but more importantly helping individuals at all ages and experience levels improve their health through regular exercise with the unique type of training his son and he developed at TruFit30. “ This training is literally changing people’s lives for the better…not only from a fitness and weight loss stand point but from an emotional and social standpoint as well as a health standpoint. This work is truly going to change your life for the better in so many aspects. “Says Dr. Steele.